统计机器翻译开源工具Moses的主要负责人之一Hieu Hoang,也是Moses代码的最大贡献者在3月28日的邮件列表里发布了一个通知“Moses release”,除了告知最新的Moses源代码包的下载地址外,还列出了自上一次发布之后的12点改进,这些改进来自于Moses开源社区许许多多开发者的贡献。以下是Hieu Hoang的全文:

Hiya Mosers and Mosettes,

It's been a year since the last release& there's been lots of changes, by lots of people, that we thought you should know about.

A new release tar ball and zip file are on sourceforge, or svn update as usual

Also, there is likely to be big changes in the next month as we merge the hierarchical/syntax branch into trunk. Please avoid svn up after today, and double check with someone else before committing large chunks of code to the trunk.

Changes since the last time:
1. minor bug fixes& tweaks, especially to the decoder, MERT scripts (thanks to too many people to mention)
2. fixes to make decoder compile with most versions of gcc, Visual studio and other compilers (thanks to Tom Hoar, Jean-Bapist Fouet).
3. multi-threaded decoder (thanks to Barry Haddow)
4. update for IRSTLM (thanks to nicola bertoldi& Marcello Federico)
5. run mert on a subset of features (thanks to nicola bertoldi)
6. Training using different alignment models (thanks to Mark Fishel)
7. "a handy script to get many translations from Google" (thanks to Ondrej Bojar)
8. Lattice MBR (thanks to Abhishek Arun& Barry Haddow)
9 . Option to compile moses as a dynamic library (thanks to Jean-Bapist Fouet).
10. hierarchical re-ordering model (thanks to Christian Harmeier, Sara Styme, Nadi, Marcello, Ankit Srivastava, Gabriele Antonio Musillo, Philip Williams, Barry Haddow).
11. Global Lexical re-ordering model (thanks to Philipp Koehn)
12. Experiment.perl scripts for automating the whole MT pipeline (thanks to Philipp Koehn)





  1. wzx

    moses的层次短语模型 可以用lattice 和 factor 吗?


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