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Stanford is offering this course on Natural Language Processing free and online to students worldwide, starting on March 12, 2012, continuing Stanford's exciting forays into large scale online instruction. Students have access to screencast lecture videos, are given quiz questions, assignments and exams, receive regular feedback on progress, and can participate in a discussion forum. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a statement of accomplishment. Taught by Professors Jurafsky and Manning, the curriculum draws from Stanford's courses in Natural Language Processing.

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  1. Lz能否把新开的NLP课程的资源下载下来、整理一下放在网上共享啊?我看见好多同学都没有注册上,现在想学也没有资源。我也没有注册到账户,如果Lz比较忙的话我可以代办,不过得先借用下账户,呵呵。谢谢了。


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