ID Status Title Author(s) Affiliation
3 full oral Extract Chinese Unknown Words from a Large-scale Corpus Using Morphological and Distributional Evidences Kaixu Zhang, Ruining Wang and Maosong Sun Tsinghua University
5 full poster Compression Methods by Code Mapping and Code Dividing for Chinese Dictionary Stored in a Double-Array Trie Huidan Liu, Minghua Nuo, Longlong Ma, Jian Wu and Yeping He Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
14 short oral Mining the Sentiment Expectation of Nouns Using Bootstrapping Method Miaomiao Wen and Yunfang Wu Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
15 Full Poster Automatic Transformation of the Thai Categorial Grammar Treebank to Dependency Trees Christian Rish?j, Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn and Thepchai Supnithi CST, Copenhagen University
16 full oral Enhancing Active Learning for Semantic Role Labeling via Compressed Dependency Trees Chenhua Chen, Alexis Palmer and Caroline Sporleder Saarland University
19 full oral Using Prediction from Sentential Scope to Build a Pseudo Co-Testing Learner for Event Extraction Shasha Liao and Ralph Grishman New York University
20 full poster Functional Elements and POS Categories Qiuye Zhao and Mitch Marcus Student
23 Short Oral Enhancing scarce-resource language translation through pivot combinations Marta R. Costa-juss?, Carlos Henr?quez and Rafael E. Banchs Barcelona Media Innovation Center
27 full oral A POS-based Ensemble Model for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification Rui Xia and Chengqing Zong CAS
28 Full Poster Relational Lasso —An Improved Method Using the Relations Among Features— Kotaro Kitagawa and Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
31 full poster Determining Immediate Constituents of Compounds in GermaNet Verena Henrich and Erhard Hinrichs University of Tuebingen
33 Full Oral Cross-domain Feature Selection for Fast, Accurate Language Identification Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin University of Melbourne/NICTA
36 full poster Sentence Subjectivity Detection with Weakly-Supervised Learning Chenghua Lin, Yulan He and Richard Everson University of Exeter
41 full poster A Cross-lingual Annotation Projection-based Self-supervision Approach for Open Information Extraction Seokhwan Kim, Minwoo Jeong and Jonghoon Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology
42 full oral Entity Disambiguation Using a Markov-Logic Network Hong-Jie Dai, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai and Wen-Lian Hsu Academia Sinica
43 Full Oral A Statistical Model for Transliteration Built on a Noisy Parallel Corpus Hassan Sajjad, Nadir Durrani, Helmut Schmid and Alexander Fraser University of Stuttgart
48 Full Poster Parse Reranking Based on Higher-Order Lexical Dependencies Zhiguo Wang and Chengqing Zong National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of
50 Full Oral Context-Sensitive Syntactic Source-Reordering by Statistical Transduction Maxim Khalilov and Khalil Simaan ILLC-UvA
53 full oral Attribute Extraction from Synthetic Web Search Queries Marius Pasca Google Inc.
58 Full Oral Transductive Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation Yinggong Zhao, Shujie Liu, Yangsheng Ji and Jiajun Chen State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology at Nanjing University
60 Full Poster Improving Dependency Parsing with Fined-Grained Features Guangyou Zhou, Li Cai, Kang Liu and Jun Zhao Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
61 full oral An Empirical Study on Compositionality in Compound Nouns Siva Reddy, Diana McCarthy and Suresh Manandhar University of York, UK
63 Full Oral Transferring Syntactic Relations from English to Hindi Using Alignments on Local Word Groups Aswarth Dara and Prashanth Mannem IIIT-Hyderabad, India
64 full oral Named Entity Recognition in Chinese News Comments on the Web Xiaojun Wan, Liang Zong, Xiaojiang Huang, Tengfei Ma, Houping Jia, Yuqian Wu and Jianguo Xiao Peking University
71 Full Oral TriS: A Statistical Sentence Simplifier with Log-linear Models and Margin-based Discriminative Training Nguyen Bach, Qin Gao and Stephan Vogel CMU
74 Full Oral Identification of relations between answers with global constraints for Community-based Question Answering services Hikaru Yokono, Takaaki Hasegawa, Genichiro Kikui and Manabu Okumura Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
76 Short Oral Exploring self training for Hindi dependency parsing Rahul Goutam and Bharat Ram Ambati Language Technologies Research Centre, International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad
79 full oral Japanese Abbreviation Expansion with Query and Clickthrough Logs Kei Uchiumi, Mamoru Komachi, Keigo Machinaga, Toshiyuki Maezawa, Toshinori Satou and Yoshinori Kobayashi Yahoo Japan Corporation
86 short oral Predicting Word Clipping with Latent Semantic Analysis Julian Brooke, Tong Wang and Graeme Hirst University of Toronto
89 full oral Training a BN-based user model for dialogue simulation with missing data St?phane Rossignol, Olivier Pietquin and Michel Ianotto SUPELEC IMS research group
90 full oral What Psycholinguists Know About Chemistry: Aligning Wiktionary and WordNet for Increased Domain Coverage Christian M. Meyer and Iryna Gurevych Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab, Technische Universit?t Darmstadt, Germany
91 Full Oral Learning the Latent Topics for Question Retrieval in Community QA Li Cai, Guangyou Zhou and Kang Liu Institute of Automation
94 full oral Ensemble Style Self-training on Citation Classification Cailing Dong and Ulrich Sch?fer German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
96 full poster Jointly Extracting Japanese Predicate-Argument Relation with Markov Logic Katsumasa Yoshikawa, Masayuki Asahara and Yuji Matsumoto Nara Institute of Science and Technology
98 Full Poster Word-reordering for Statistical Machine Translation Using Trigram Language Model Jing He and Hongyu Liang Google
100 Full Poster Using Context Inference to Improve Sentence Ordering for Multi-document Summarization Peifeng Li and Guangxi Deng Soochow University
105 Short Oral Generalized Minimum Bayes Risk System Combination Kevin Duh, Katsuhito Sudoh, Xianchao Wu, Hajime Tsukada and Masaaki Nagata NTT
106 full oral Japanese Predicate Argument Structure Analysis Capturing Context Yuta Hayashibe, Mamoru Komachi and Yuji Matsumoto Graduate School of Information Science Nara Institute of Science and Technology
109 Full Oral Keyphrase Extraction from Online News Using Binary Integer Programming Zhuoye Ding, Qi Zhang and Xuanjing Huang Fudan University
116 Full Oral Dependency-directed Tree Kernel-based Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Literature Longhua Qian and Guodong Zhou Soochow University
118 Full Poster Extracting Hierarchical Rules from a Weighted Alignment Matrix Zhaopeng Tu, Yang Liu, Qun Liu and Shouxun Lin Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
122 Full Poster Enhance Top-down method with Meta-Classification for Very Large-scale Hierarchical Classification Xiao-lin Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
124 Full Oral Learning Logical Structures of Paragraphs in Legal Articles Ngo Xuan Bach, Nguyen Le Minh, Tran Thi Oanh and Akira Shimazu School of Information Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
126 Full Oral Efficient induction of probabilistic word classes with LDA Grzegorz Chrupala Saarland University
131 full oral Back to the Roots of Genres: Text Classification by Language Function Henning Wachsmuth and Kathrin Bujna University of Paderborn, s-lab
133 full poster Extending the adverbial coverage of a NLP oriented resource for French Elsa Tolone and Stavroula Voyatzi Universit? Paris-Est / Universidad Nacional de C?rdoba
139 Full Poster Efficient Near-Duplicate Detection for Q&A Forum Qi Zhang, Yan Wu and Xuanjing Huang Fudan Univerisity
140 full oral Mining Parallel Documents Using Low Bandwidth and High Precision CLIR from the Heterogeneous Web Simon Shi, Pascale Fung, Emmanuel Prochasson, Chi-kiu Lo and Dekai Wu The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
146 Full Oral Automatic Topic Model Adaptation for Sentiment Analysis in Structured Domains Geoffrey Levine and Gerald DeJong UIUC
150 Full Oral A Semantic-Specific Model for Chinese Named Entity Translation Yufeng Chen and Chengqing Zong Insititute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
151 short oral A Semantic Relatedness Measure Based on Combined Encyclopedic, Ontological and Collocational Knowledge Yannis Haralambous and Vitaly Klyuev Institut T?l?com - T?l?com Bretagne, France
152 Full Oral Quality-biased Ranking of Short Texts in Microblogging Services Minlie Huang, Yi Yang and Xiaoyan Zhu Tsinghua University
153 full oral Word Sense Disambiguation by Combining Labeled Data Expansion and Semi-Supervised Learning Method Sanae Fujita and Akinori Fujino NTT CS lab.
161 short oral Improving Chinese POS Tagging with Dependency Parsing Zhenghua Li, Wanxiang Che and Ting Liu Harbin Institute of Technology, China
162 full poster Relevance Feedback using Latent Information Jun Harashima and Sadao Kurohashi Kyoto University
165 full oral Combining ConceptNet and WordNet for Word Sense Disambiguation Junpeng Chen and Juan Liu Computer School, Wuhan University, Wuhan, P. R. China
166 full oral Multi-modal Reference Resolution in Situated Dialogue by Integrating Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Clues Ryu Iida, Masaaki Yasuhara and Takenobu Tokunaga Tokyo Institute of Technology
169 full oral Semantic Role Labeling for CCG Without Treebanks? Stephen Boxwell, Chris Brew, Jason Baldridge, Dennis Mehay and Sujith Ravi The Ohio State University
170 Full Poster Using Syntactic and Shallow Semantic Kernels to Improve Multi-Modality Manifold-Ranking for Topic-Focused Multi-Document Summarization Yllias Chali, Sadid A. Hasan and Kaisar Imam University of Lethbridge
175 full oral A Discriminative Approach to Japanese Zero Anaphora Resolution with Large-scale Lexicalized Case Frames Ryohei Sasano and Sadao Kurohashi Tokyo Institute of Technology
191 Full Poster Integration of Reduplicated Multiword Expressions and Named Entities in a Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation System Thoudam Doren Singh and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay Jadavpur University
192 full oral Text Segmentation and Graph-based Method for Template Filling in Information Extraction Ludovic Jean-Louis, Romaric Besan?on and Olivier Ferret CEA LIST
193 full poster Syntactic and Semantic Features for Shallow Discourse Parsing Sucheta Ghosh, Sara Tonelli, Richard Johansson and Giuseppe Riccardi University of Trento, Italy
198 full poster Word Meaning in Context: A Simple and Effective Vector Model Stefan Thater, Hagen F?rstenau and Manfred Pinkal Saarland University
199 Full Poster Regularizing Mono- and Bi-Word Models for Word Alignment Thomas Schoenemann Lund University, Sweden
200 full poster Automatic Analysis of Semantic Coherence in Academic Abstracts Written in Portuguese Vin?cius Mour?o Alves de Souza and Val?ria Delisandra Feltrim State University of Maring?
201 Full Oral Modality Specific Meta Features for Authorship Attribution in Web Forum Posts Thamar Solorio, Sangita Pillay, Sindhu Raghavan and Manuel Montes-Gomez UAB
203 Full Oral Detecting Abstractive Sentence Communities: A New Summarization Task Gabriel Murray, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng University of British Columbia
209 full poster Passage Retrieval for Information Extraction using Distant Supervision Wei Xu, Ralph Grishman and Le Zhao New York University
211 short poster Word Sense Disambiguation Corpora Acquisition via Confirmation Code Wanxiang Che and Ting Liu Harbin Institute of Technology
213 Full Oral Japanese Pronunciation Prediction as Phrasal Statistical Machine Translation Jun Hatori and Hisami Suzuki University of Tokyo
214 full oral Training Dependency Parsers from Partially Annotated Corpora Daniel Flannery, Graham Neubig and Shinsuke Mori Graduate School of Infomatics, Kyoto University
225 Full Poster Automatic Determination of a Domain Adaptation Method for Word Sense Disambiguation Using Decision Tree Learning Kanako Komiya and Manabu Okumura Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
232 full oral Automatic identification of general and specific sentences by leveraging discourse annotations Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova University of Pennsylvania
234 full oral Thread Cleaning and Merging for Microblog Topic Detection Jianfeng Zhang, Yunqing Xia, Bin Ma and Jianmin Yao Tsinghua University
237 short oral Improving Word Sense Induction by Exploiting Semantic Relevance Zhenzhong Zhang and Le Sun ISCAS
238 full oral CLGVSM: Adapting Generalized Vector Space Model to Cross-lingual Document Clustering Guoyu Tang, Yunqing Xia, Haizhou Li and Fang Zheng Department of Computer Science and Technology,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084, China
240 full oral Detecting and Blocking False Sentiment Propagation Hye-Jin Min and Jong C. Park KAIST
243 full poster A Graph-based Method for Entity Linking Yuhang Guo, Wanxiang Che, Ting Liu and Sheng Li Harbin Institute of Technology
244 Short Oral Domain Independent Model for Product Attribute Extraction from User Reviews using Wikipedia Sudheer Kovelamudi IIITH
246 Full Oral Going Beyond Word Cooccurrences in Global Lexical Selection for Statistical Machine Translation using a Multilayer Perceptron Alexandre Patry and Philippe Langlais KeaText Inc.
248 full oral A Named Entity Recognition Method based on Decomposition and Concatenation of Word Chunks Tomoya Iwakura, Hiroya Takamura and Manabu Okumura Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
252 Full Oral Labeling Unlabeled Data using Cross-Language Guided Clustering Sachindra Joshi, Danish Contractor and Sumit Negi IBM Research India
253 Full Oral Automatically Generating Questions from Queries for Community-based Question Answering Shiqi Zhao, Chao Li, Ting Liu and Yi Guan Baidu Inc.
254 short poster Query Expansion for IR using Knowledge-Based Relatedness Arantxa Otegi and Xabier Arregi University of the Basque Country
256 Full Poster Enhancing extraction based summarization with outside word space Christian Smith and Arne J?nsson Santa Anna IT Research Institute AB
263 Full Oral Feature-Rich Log-Linear Lexical Model for PCFG-LA Grammars Zhongqiang Huang and Mary Harper Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park
266 Full Oral Active Learning Strategies for Support Vector Machines, Application to Temporal Relation Classification Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani and Alexis Nasr Universit? de la M?diterran?e, Marseille and Sharif University of Technology, Tehran
267 full poster Joint Alignment and Artificial Data Generation: An Empirical Study of Pivot-based Machine Transliteration XiangYun Duann I2R
269 full poster Harvesting Related Entities with a Search Engine Shuqi Sun, Shiqi Zhao, Muyun Yang and Sheng Li School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology
272 Full Oral Question classification based on an extended class sequential rule model Zijing Hui, Juan Liu and Lumei Ouyang School of Computer, Wuhan University, China
273 Full Poster Parametric Weighting of Parallel Data for Statistical Machine Translation Kashif Shah, Lo?c Barrault and Holger Schwenk LIUM
276 full oral Help Me and I will Help You: A Bilingual Unsupervised Approach for Estimating Sense Distributions using Expectation Maximization Mitesh M Khapra, Salil Joshi and Pushpak Bhattacharyya Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
278 short oral Cluster Labelling based on Concepts in a Machine-Readable Dictionary Fumiyo Fukumoto and Yoshimi Suzuki Univ. of Yamanashi
281 full oral Improving Related Entity Finding via Incorporating Homepages and Recognizing Fine-grained Entities Youzheng Wu, Chiori Hori, Hisashi Kawai and Hideki Kashioka NiCT, Japan
287 Short Oral An Analysis of Questions in a Q&A Site Resubmitted Based on Indications of Unclear Points of Original Questions Masahiro Kojima, Yasuhiko Watanabe and Yoshihiro Okada Ryukoku University
288 Full Oral Answer Selection from Multiple Sources Depending on Questions Hyo-Jung Oh ETRI
291 full oral Enhancing the HL-SOT Approach to Sentiment Analysis via a Localized Feature Selection Framework Wei Wei and Jon Atle Gulla Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
292 Short Oral A Baseline System for Chinese Near-Synonym Choice Liang-Chih Yu, Wei-Nan Chien and Shih-Ting Chen Yuan Ze University
296 full poster Opinion Expression Mining by Exploiting Keyphrase Extraction G?bor Berend University of Szeged
297 Full Oral Social Summarization via Automatically Discovered Social Context Po Hu, Cheng Sun, Longfei Wu and Donghong Ji Wuhan University
298 full poster Discovering Resource Terms for Sentiment Analysis Lei Zhang and Bing Liu University of Illinois at Chicago
304 Full Poster Improving Part-of-Speech Tagging for Context-Free Parsing Xiao Chen and Chunyu Kit City University of Hong Kong
306 Full Oral Translation Quality Indicators for Pivot-based Statistical MT Michael Paul and Eiichiro Sumita NICT
308 Full Oral An Empirical Comparison of Unknown Word Prediction Methods Kostadin Cholakov, Gertjan van Noord, Valia Kordoni and Yi Zhang University of Groningen
312 full poster Towards Context-Based Subjectivity Analysis farah benamara, Baptiste Chardon, Yannick Mathieu and Vladimir Popescu IRIT-CNRS
316 Full Oral Crawling Back and Forth: Using Back and Out Links to Locate Bilingual Sites Luciano Barbosa, Srinivas Bangalore and Vivek Kumar Rangarajan Sridhar AT&T Labs - Research
318 full oral Automatic Labeling of Voiced Consonants for Morphological Analysis of Modern Japanese Literature Teruaki Oka, Mamoru Komachi, Toshinobu Ogiso and Yuji Matsumoto Nara Institute of Science and Technology
321 Full Oral Enriching SMT Training Data via Paraphrasing Wei He, Shiqi Zhao, Haifeng Wang and Ting Liu Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval, Harbin Institute of Technology
322 Full Oral Bayesian Subtree Alignment Model based on Dependency Trees Toshiaki Nakazawa and Sadao Kurohashi Kyoto University
330 Full Oral K2Q: Generating Natural Language Questions from Keywords with User Refinements Zhicheng Zheng, Xiance Si, Edward Chang and Xiaoyan Zhu Tsinghua University
334 short oral Reduction of Search Space to Annotate Monolingual Corpora Prajol Shrestha, Christine Jacquin and Beatrice Daille LINA
343 full oral Dynamic and Static Prototype Vectors for Semantic Composition Siva Reddy, Ioannis Klapaftis, Diana McCarthy and Suresh Manandhar University of York, UK
344 Full Poster Models Cascade for Tree-Structured Named Entity Detection Marco Dinarelli and Sophie Rosset LIMSI-CNRS
345 full oral Towards Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis with Structural Features C?cilia Zirn, Mathias Niepert, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Michael Strube University of Mannheim
346 Full Oral Generative Modeling of Coordination by Factoring Parallelism and Selectional Preferences Daisuke Kawahara and Sadao Kurohashi Kyoto University
352 Short Oral Reducing Asymmetry between language-pairs to Improve Alignment and Translation Quality Rashmi Gangadharaiah IBM, India
355 short oral Beyond Normalization: Pragmatics of Word Form in Text Messages Tyler Baldwin and Joyce Chai Michigan State University
360 full poster Acquiring Strongly-related Events using Predicate-argument Co-occurring Statistics and Caseframe Tomohide Shibata and Sadao Kurohashi Kyoto University
363 Full Oral Analyzing the Dynamics of Research by Extracting Key Aspects of Scientific Papers Sonal Gupta and Christopher Manning Stanford University
365 full poster S^3 - Statistical Sandhi Splitting Abhiram Natarajan and Eugene Charniak Brown University, USA
368 Full Oral System Combination Using Discriminative Cross-Adaptation Jacob Devlin, Antti-Veikko Rosti and Spyros Matsoukas Raytheon BBN Technologies
369 Full Oral Source Error-Projection for Sample Selection in Phrase-Based SMT for Resource-Poor Languages Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan, Shiv Vitaladevuni, Rohit Prasad and Prem Natarajan Raytheon BBN Technologies
370 Short Oral Clause-Based Reordering Constraints to Improve Statistical Machine Translation Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Karthik Visweswariah, Kushal Ladha and Ankur Gandhe IBM IRL
371 full oral A Joint Probabilistic Distant and Direct Supervised Relation Extraction Truc-Vien T. Nguyen and Alessandro Moschitti University of Trento
373 Full Oral Discriminative Phrase-based Lexicalized Reordering Models using Weighted Reordering Graphs Wang Ling, Jo?o Gra?a, David Martins de Matos, Isabel Trancoso and Alan W Black LTI-CMU/INESC-ID/IST
375 Full Oral Natural Language Programming Using Class Sequential Rules Cohan Sujay Carlos Aiaioo Labs
384 Full Poster Clausal parsing helps data-driven dependency parsing: Experiments with Hindi Samar Husain, Phani Gadde, Joakim Nivre and Rajeev Sangal LTRC, IIIT-Hyderabad
389 full oral Single and multi-objective optimization for feature selection in anaphora resolution Sriparna Saha, Asif Ekbal, Olga Uryupina and Massimo Poesio Indian Institute of Technology Patna
390 Full Poster Learning from Chinese-English Parallel Data for Chinese Tense Prediction Feifan Liu, Fei Liu and Yang Liu The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
391 Full Oral Grammar Induction from Text Using Small Syntactic Prototypes Prachya Boonkwan, Mark Steedman and Thepchai Supnithi ILCC, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
393 full oral Clustering Semantically Equivalent Words into Cognate Sets in Multilingual Lists Bradley Hauer and Grzegorz Kondrak University of Alberta
394 full oral From News to Comment: Resources and Benchmarks for Parsing the Language of Web 2.0 Jennifer Foster, Ozlem Cetinoglu, Joachim Wagner, Joseph Le Roux, Joakim Nivre, Deirdre Hogan and Josef van Genabith National Centre for Language Technology, Dublin City University
395 Full Oral Cross-Language Entity Linking Paul McNamee, James Mayfield, Dawn Lawrie, Douglas Oard and David Doermann Johns Hopkins University
399 full oral Discovering Latent Concepts and Exploiting Features of Concepts for Semantic Text Search Vuong M. Ngo HCMUT&JVN, VNU-HCM
400 Full Oral The application of chordal graphs to inferring phylogenetic trees of languages Jessica Enright and Grzegorz Kondrak University of Alberta
403 Full Poster Extractive Summarization Method for Contact Center Dialogues based on Call Logs Akihiro Tamura, Kai Ishikawa, Masahiro Saikou and Masaaki Tsuchida Information and Media Processing Laboratories, NEC Corporation
405 short oral Going Beyond Text: A Hybrid Image-Text Approach for Measuring Word Relatedness Chee Wee Leong and Rada Mihalcea University of North Texas
406 Full Poster Safety Information Mining — What can NLP do in a disaster— Graham Neubig, Yuichiroh Matsubayashi, Masato Hagiwara and Koji Murakami Kyoto University
409 Full Oral Answering Complex Questions via Exploiting Social Q&A Collection Youzheng Wu, Chiori Hori, Hisashi Kawai and Hideki Kashioka NiCT, Japan
410 Full Oral A Fast Accurate Two-stage Training Algorithm for L1-regularized CRFs with Heuristic Line Search Strategy Jinlong Zhou, Xipeng Qiu and Xuanjing Huang Fudan Univercity
413 Full Poster Generating Chinese Named Entity Data from a Parallel Corpus Ruiji Fu, Bing Qin and Ting Liu Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval, Harbin Institute of Technology
415 short oral Potts Model on the Case Fillers for Word Sense Disambiguation Hiroya Takamura and Manabu Okumura Tokyo Institute of Technology
416 Full Poster An Effective and Robust Framework for Transliteration Exploration EA-EE JAN, Niyu Ge, Shih-Hsiang Lin and Berlin Chen IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
417 Full Oral Mining Revision Log of Language Learning SNS for Automated Japanese Error Correction of Second Language Learners Tomoya Mizumoto, Mamoru Komachi, Masaaki Nagata and Yuji Matsumoto Nara Institute of Science and Technology
421 short oral An Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Implementing Dialogue Policies Using Statistical Classification and Hand-Authored Rules David DeVault, Anton Leuski and Kenji Sagae USC Institute for Creative Technologies
423 full oral A Unified Event Coreference Resolution by Integrating Multiple Resolvers Bin Chen, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan National University of Singapore
425 Full Oral Indexing Spoken Documents with Hierarchical Semantic Structures: Semantic Tree-to-string Alignment Models Xiaodan Zhu, Colin Cherry and Gerald Penn National Research Council Canada
426 Short Oral Finding Problem Solving Threads in Online Forum Zhonghua Qu and Yang Liu The University of Texas at Dallas
428 Full Oral Handling verb phrase morphology in highly inflected Indian languages for Machine Translation Ankur Gandhe, Rashmi Gangadharaiah, Karthik Visweswariah and Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan IBM Research, India
429 full oral A Wikipedia-LDA Model for Entity Linking with Batch Size Changing Instance Selection Wei Zhang, Jian Su and Chew-Lim Tan National University of Singapore
430 short oral Toward a Parallel Corpus of Spoken Cantonese and Written Chinese John Lee City University of Hong Kong
433 Full Poster A Character-Level Machine Translation Approach for Normalization of SMS Abbreviations Deana Pennell and Yang Liu The University of Texas at Dallas
434 Short Oral Compiling Learner Corpus Data of Linguistic Output and Language Processing in Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading Katsunori Kotani, Takehiko Yoshimi, Hiroaki Nanjo and Hitoshi Isahara Kansai Gaidai University
447 Full Poster Extracting Relation Descriptors with Modified Conditional Random Fields Yaliang Li, Jing Jiang, Hai Leong Chieu and Kian Ming A. Chai Singapore Management University
449 Full Oral Simultaneous Clustering and Noise Detection for Theme-based Summarization Xiaoyan Cai, Renxian Zhang and Dehong Gao The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
450 Full Poster Using Text Reviews for Product Entity Completion Mrinmaya Sachan, Tanveer Faruquie, L. V. Subramaniam and Mukesh Mohania IBM Research, India
451 Full Poster Mining bilingual topic hierarchies from unaligned text Sumit Negi IBM Research
452 full poster Fleshing it out: A Supervised Approach to MWE-token and MWE-type Classification Richard Fothergill and Timothy Baldwin University of Melbourne
454 full poster Incremental Joint POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing in Chinese Jun Hatori, Takuya Matsuzaki and Junichi Tsujii University of Tokyo
455 Full Oral Normalising Audio Transcriptions for Unwritten Languages Adel Foda and Steven Bird University Of Melbourne
457 Full Poster Identifying Event Descriptions using Co-training with Online News Summaries William Yang Wang, Kapil Thadani and Kathleen McKeown Columbia University
460 Full Oral Treeblazing: Using External Treebanks to Filter Parse Forests for Parse Selection and Treebanking Andrew MacKinlay, Rebecca Dridan, Dan Flickinger and Tim Baldwin University of Melbourne / NICTA
463 full oral Toward Finding Semantic Relations not Written in a Single Sentence: An Inference Method using Auto-Discovered Rules Masaaki Tsuchida, Kentaro Torisawa, Stijn De Saeger, Jong Hoon Oh, Junichi Kazama, Chikara Hashimoto and Hayato Ohwada Information and Media Processing Laboratories, NEC corporation, Japan.
464 short oral Text Patterns and Compression Models for Semantic Class Learning Chung-Yao Chuang and Yi-Hsun Lee Academia Sinica
465 Full Oral Structured and Extended Named Entity Evaluation in Automatic Speech Transcriptions Olivier Galibert, Sophie Rosset, Cyril Grouin, Pierre Zweigenbaum and Ludovic Quintard LNE
473 full poster Linguistic Phenomena, Analyses, and Representations: Understanding Conversion between Treebanks Rajesh Bhatt, Owen Rambow and Fei Xia University of UMass
476 Full Oral Similarity Based Language Model Construction for Voice Activated Open-Domain Question Answering Istvan Varga, Kiyonori Ohtake, Kentaro Torisawa, Stijn De Saeger, Teruhisa Misu, Shigeki Matsuda and Junichi Kazama NICT
480 Full Oral A Breadth-First Representation for Efficient Hypergraph Matching in Large Scale Forest-Based Translation Sumukh Ghodke, Steven Bird and Rui Zhang University of Melbourne
483 Full Oral Syntactic Parsing for Ranking-based Coreference Resolution Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng University of Texas at Dallas
485 full oral Improving Chinese Word Segmentation and POS Tagging with Semi-supervised Methods Using Large Auto-Analyzed Data Yiou Wang, Junichi Kazama, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Wenliang Chen, Yujie Zhang and Kentaro Torisawa National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
486 Full Oral Extracting Pre-ordering Rules from Predicate-Argument Structures Xianchao Wu, Katsuhito Sudoh, Kevin Duh, Hajime Tsukada and Masaaki Nagata NTT Communication Science Laboratories
490 Full Oral Distributed Minimum Error Rate Training of SMT using Particle Swarm Optimization} Jun Suzuki, Kevin Duh and Masaaki Nagata NTT CS Lab.
492 full oral Towards Identifying Orthographic Variants in Dialectal Arabic Mona Diab and Pradeep Dasigi columbia University
494 full oral Predicting Opinion Dependency Relations for Opinion Analysis Lun-Wei Ku, Ting-Hao Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
500 full oral Extending WordNet with Hypernyms and Siblings Acquired from Wikipedia Ichiro Yamada, Jong-Hoon Oh, Chikara Hashimoto, Kentaro Torisawa, Junichi Kazama, Stijn De Saeger and Takuya Kawada National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
502 short oral Chinese Discourse Relation Recognition Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University
503 Full Oral Exploring Difficulties in Parsing Imperatives and Questions Tadayoshi Hara, Takuya Matsuzaki and Junichi Tsujii National Institute of Informatics
504 Short Oral Diversifying Information Needs in Results of Question Retrieval Yaoyun Zhang Miss

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