ACL Anthology——计算语言学的数字档案

  曾经介绍过“机器翻译档案计划”,这里再介绍一下计算语言学的数字档案"ACL Anthology",anthology有“选集”的意思,不过从网站索引上看起来更像是“全集”。
  ACL Anthology 是由计算语言学协会(The Association for Computational Linguistics,简称ACL)主持建立的,目前的编辑是新加坡国立大学的Min-Yen Kan,其目的是建立“一个计算语言学研究论文的数字档案(A Digital Archive of Research Papers in Computational Linguistics)”。

  ACL Anthology 是一个计算语言学研究论文的数字档案,由计算语言学社区(CL community)资助,对所有人免费开放。它包括权威的《计算语言学》杂志(Computational Linguistics journal)的论文,以及许多相关会议及研讨会的文献,包括ACL, EACL, NAACL, ANLP, TINLAP, COLING, HLT, MUC, 及Tipster。会议文献在ACL Anthology同步发布,而计算语言学杂志论文则在一年后发布。
  The ACL Anthology is a digital archive of research papers in computational linguistics, sponsored by the CL community, and freely available to all. It includes the Computational Linguistics journal, and proceedings of many conferences and workshops including: ACL, EACL, NAACL, ANLP, TINLAP, COLING, HLT, MUC, and Tipster. Conference proceedings are published in the anthology around the same time as the conference. CL articles are published in the anthology one year in arrears (but individual subscribers can access recent issues electronically via the MIT Press website).

  ACL Anthology目前存档超过14,100篇关于计算语言学的研究论文,并提供全文检索。多数论文被Citeseer和Google Scholar收录。ACM数字图书馆则对这里所有的材料建立全部引文链接。
  The ACL Anthology currently hosts over 14,100 papers on the study of computational linguistics, along with full-text search. Most of the papers are also indexed by Citeseer and Google Scholar, helping the citation counts of ACL authors. The ACM Digital Library is creating rich metadata and doing full citation linking for all anthology materials.

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